“In 2005, when I purchased my house in Summit, Morning Glory Gardens was already servicing the property. They had re-designed the front landscape, remedied the drainage issue, and I had a nice neat landscape. However, I wanted color, color and more color! They are able to create gorgeous color with seasonal flowers, satisfying even my over-the-top taste. They have been responsive to my requests for immediate satisfaction after construction, or a storm. My containers are changed periodically, whenever they look tired. My property looks perfect, even when I’m traveling for long periods of time, and, or course, I am never without the color!” 

— Anonymous.

“Since 2009, Morning Glory Gardens has been tending and improving my landscape. A distinguishing feature of the organization is the pride and sense of ownership the workers take in their endeavor. Morning Glory Gardens’ employees are unfailaingly cheerful, well-trained, knowledgeable and cooperative. Frequently out of state, I always return to beautifully managed gardens and yard, thankful that this wonderful organization is in my life.”

— Susan Watts.


“We’ve had MGG’s staff taking care of our property for a decade now, through many life events, from a Garden Wedding to Children’s Birthday parties, and daily life. They always take great care of our plants, hence we have the best roses, the nicest containers, the most attractive pool and patio gardens. We even had a vegetable garden for a couple of years. Though we are not in NJ all year round, we know that when we return to NJ, the gardens will welcome us.”

— Marge Criscola

“Morning Glory Gardens has developed and maintained beautiful gardens at our home in Summit. We look forward eagerly each spring for it to burst out in all its glory.”

— S.L.


“From the first day Morning Glory Gardens started working on my property there was a noticeable difference. At the end of the day everything looked manicured, orderly and clean. Over the last 3 years we have re-organized the gardens, adding plants and removing others that no longer fit the new plan. Throughout the process the crew and staff have been a pleasure to work with. Their attention to detail is quite remarkable. My gardens are beautiful! Everywhere and in every season there is color and something lovely to look at.”

– K.M.


“I had my landscape company doing my gardens for years. When I hired MGG there was a night and day difference. People knock on my door to ask me who does my gardens. Thanks for making our home the prettiest on the street.”

– Colleen Lucas


“MGG has been my personal gardener for three years! Our summer’s highlights are walking in our backyard and viewing the beautiful flowers! The regular attention and care of the flowers keeps them blooming throughout late Fall!”

– Charlene Marcus